Salt Spray Test Chamber

A salt spray test chamber is used for conducting corrosion resistance tests of different products across various industries. A salt spray test chamber could be quick, reproducible and well-standardized. With the help of a salt spray test chamber, manufacturers can determine the resistance of their products in corrosive environments.

However, there are different models of a salt spray test chamber. All these models are slightly different from each other in terms of features and design. But the main function of all these models is the same which is to perform salt spray tests for determining the corrosion resistance properties of materials.

It is structured as per relevant standards for assessing rust-proof components to withstand corrosion. The body is made up of fibre rainproof along with double walls. Moreover, it is designed in terms of ASTM B117 standards.

Uses of Salt Spray Chamber

A salt spray test chamber is used widely in different industries for various purposes.

Here we listed some of its uses which are: 

  • The common use of a salt spray test is to assess the corrosion resistance properties of different materials. Manufacturers can evaluate the durability of their products in corrosive environments with the help of this testing machine.

  • It also works as a quality control. It is used for testing whether the products meet the regulations and standards of industries or not. By testing the products in a salt spray test machine, manufacturers can identify potential weaknesses in their products.

  • It can also be used for research and development. Scientists can determine the effects of corrosion on different samples with the help of this machine.

  • It is also used for certification and compliance of different industrial products.

However, it is a beneficial tool for evaluating the corrosion resistance properties of different products.

ModelELI-SST-D250 LtrELI-SST-D450 LtrELI-SST-D1000 Ltr
Inner Dimensions780*620*720950*700*720


Outer Dimensions
Power220V, Single phase, 50Hz, 15 A
Test Air Pressure0.7kg/cm²-1.2kg/cm²
Test Chamber Temperature Range35°C ± 2°C
Chamber Temperature List Count0.1°C
Temperature ControlInbuilt PID Temperature Controller
Chamber Temperature Range
Ambient to 40°C
pH value of Salt Solution6.5 to 7.2 pH
Air Saturator Temperature Least Count0.1ºC
Air Saturator Temperature Repeatability± 2ºC

Fiber Reinforced Non Rusted Body
Pneumatic Door Opening
Digital Microprocessor-Based PID Control Panel
Temperature Range - 35°C/48°C
Fog Collection Out-Side
Humidifier Air Saturator in Build
Cann & NSS Both Tests can be Performed
Air Purging System (Manual)
Transparent canopy 


1: What is the Salt Spray Test?

Ans: A SST is a test which is performed to evaluate a material and its protective layer for corrosion resistance. This test is done on an instrument known as the Salt Spray Chamber.

2: What is the Purpose of the Salt Spray Test?

Ans: The purpose of a this machine is to evaluate the corrosion of a product. This Test is commonly done by several industries to check the durability of a product.

3: What is the process of Salt Spray Testing?

Ans: The main purpose of this testing is to check the durability of a product against corrosion. It is done to check how well a product resists corrosion.

4: Which salt is best for Salt Spray testing?

Ans: The best and most commonly used salt for SS Testing is Sodium Chloride (NaCl). Some other types of salts can also be used which include: magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, and Zinc chloride.

5: Which company makes SST chambers in India?

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