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Faridabad is a home of cutting-edge technology and an industrial hub in India. Also, it includes various manufacturers of different equipment. One of the most common testing equipment sold in India is the Salt Spray test chamber. This salt spray chamber plays an important role in determining the corrosion resistance properties of various products. Hence, it is used in different industries. However, Effective Lab India stands out as an innovation in terms of corrosion resistance tests. Our company manufactures Salt spray test chambers of different models. For 8 years, we have been struggling to manufacture the best testing instruments and we have set new industry standards for Salt Spray testing machines. Moreover, Industries see us as their trusted partners due to our quality, technical advancement and precision. Here are some key features of Effective Lab India’s Salt Spray testing machines.

  • Innovative Technology: Our Salt Spray Test chambers are designed with innovative technology for accurate simulation of corrosion and providing accurate results.
  • Control System: Salt spray chambers manufactured by Effective Lab India come with a precise control system which allows repeatable results to the users.
  • User Friendly: The interface of our machines is user-friendly which is easy to understand for every person. User experience is our priority, hence our machines are easy to operate.
  • Assurance: The last thing is our compliance assurance. It means that Effective Lab India’s salt spray test chamber meets International standards, ensuring that the corrosion tests should be accepted globally.
  • • Electronics Industry
  • • Automotive Industry
  • • Defence and Aerospace industry
  • Our Salt Spray Test chamber series includes:
  • • Salt Spray Chamber HMI Model
  • • Salt Spray Chamber Jupiter Series
  • • Cass Cum Salt Spray Test Chamber
  • All of these testing machines are slightly different from each other but their main function is the same. You can see the user PDF of these chambers for diving into their details.

Customer Service

There is a customer-centric approach at Effective Lab India. We care about our customers and work closely with our clients. We provide after-sale consultation to our clients. We didn't aim only to provide a high-quality salt spray chamber but also to make good partnerships with our clients. If someone is facing an issue or has any queries, they can reach us at our customer service centre. Our team of experts solve their queries.