Salt Spray Test Chamber Standard PDF JIS Z2371 pdf download

Corrosion has its effects on different metals and coatings. It is important to test the corrosion resistance of products before selling them in the market. For testing corrosion resistance, a test is conducted which is named as corrosion resistance test. This test is conducted with the help of a machine commonly known as a salt spray test chamber

These salt spray tests are conducted by following International standards that are made to provide general guidance on efficiently conducting tests. 

In this blog, we are going to talk about a Japanese test standard for conducting salt spray tests which is termed as JIS Z2371 test standard.

The relative resistance of coatings to metals can be tested by following this test standard.

In this test standard, there is an enclosed chamber in which the test specimens are placed and exposed to a continuous spray of neutral salt water solution having pH 6.5-7.2. It further falls on the specimens with a rate of 1.0 to 2.0ml/80cm square/hour. The temperature of the chamber will be +35 degrees. Under constant steady-state conditions, this climate is maintained. The duration of the test is variable. 

By this test standard, the volume of the chamber should not be less than 200 liters. 

Also, it is termed as an NSS test.