Cass Cum Salt Spray Test Chamber

As we have mentioned earlier, a salt spray chamber is used for determining the corrosion resistance properties of different products. In this blog, we are going to share our thoughts on some other models of a salt spray chamber, which is commonly known as a Cass cum salt spray test chamber. It is the most advanced machine which allows to checking corrosion-resist properties of a surface coating. It helps in understanding the withstand time of copper materials against corrosion. A Cass cum salt test chamber is used for assessing the material’s ability to withstand corrosion. A cass cum salt spray chamber is widely used in automotive and aerospace industries for checking the longevity of materials in corrosive environments. Moreover, it is the most reliable and effective instrument for quality assurance and research purposes.

Working Procedure of Cass Cum Salt Spray Chamber

If we talk about the working procedure of a Cass cum test chamber then it will be there:

Clean the sample so that it should be ready to test in a class test chamber.

Place the sample into the Cass test chamber.

The copper chloride solution in the chamber creates a corrosive environment.

The chamber is heated for a time and remains humid.

Heat, humidity and corrosive solution work together to speed up the corrosion process.

After the set time, take out the sample and examine the corrosion indicators. 

Now you can examine how well your material can withstand corrosion.

Uses of Cass Cum Salt Spray Chamber

Cass cum salt spray test machine has various uses across different industries. Let us discuss some of its uses in different industries.

  • It is widely used in the automotive industry for determining the corrosion resistance properties of different components such as car bodies, paint coatings, engine parts etc. It helps in determining the durability and longevity of vehicles. 

  • It is also used in the aerospace industry where salt spray tests are essential. It assesses the resistance of materials, and coatings against corrosive environments.

  • Salt spray test chambers are also used in the marine industry for assessing the resistance of corrosion in shipbuilding materials and coatings etc. As the ships are constantly exposed to harsh corrosive environments, a salt spray chamber ensures safety and longevity.

  • Electronic industries have also some uses of salt spray test chambers for evaluating the corrosion resistance of circuit boards, electric bulbs and other electronic components. It is important to conduct corrosion tests of the products that are to be used in marine environments or outdoors. So that the products can withstand the corrosion and increase their lifespan.

  • It is also used in some other industries that manufacture household products such as washing machines, refrigerators etc. 

Hence, the salt spray test is the most important test to conduct in different industries. Hence the most common and reliable method of conducting this test is by using a salt spray chamber.

So, we can say that this test chamber plays an important role in evaluating the corrosion resistance properties of different materials.

ModelELI-SST-D250 LtrELI-SST-D450 LtrELI-SST-D1000 Ltr
Inner Dimensions780*620*720950*700*720


Outer Dimensions
Power220V, Single phase, 50Hz, 15 A
Test Air Pressure0.7kg/cm²-1.2kg/cm²
Test Chamber Temperature Range35°C ± 2°C
Chamber Temperature List Count0.1°C
Temperature ControlInbuilt PID Temperature Controller
Chamber Temperature Range
Ambient to 40°C
pH value of Salt Solution6.5 to 7.2 pH
Air Saturator Temperature Least Count0.1ºC
Air Saturator Temperature Repeatability± 2ºC

Fiber Reinforced Non Rusted Body
Pneumatic Door Opening
Full Automatic Touch Screen Use Interface
Temperature Range - 35°C/48°C
Fog Collection Out-Side
Humidifier Air Saturator in Build
Solution Tank Auto Filling with Low-Level Alarm(Optional)

Air Saturator Auto Filling with Low-Level Alarm(Optional)
Air Purging System (Automate)


1: What is the Salt Spray Test?

Ans: A SST is a test which is performed to evaluate a material and its protective layer for corrosion resistance. This test is done on an instrument known as the Salt Spray Chamber.

2: What is the Purpose of the Salt Spray Test?

Ans: The purpose of a this machine is to evaluate the corrosion of a product. This Test is commonly done by several industries to check the durability of a product.

3: What is the process of Salt Spray Testing?

Ans: The main purpose of this testing is to check the durability of a product against corrosion. It is done to check how well a product resists corrosion.

4: Which salt is best for Salt Spray testing?

Ans: The best and most commonly used salt for SS Testing is Sodium Chloride (NaCl). Some other types of salts can also be used which include: magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, and Zinc chloride.

5: Which company makes SST chambers in India?

Ans: Effective Lab India is best Manufacturer & Suplier in India. Our pricing & quality is No. 1 in India compared to other companies.